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Medical Device Manufacturing Internship: Meet Nick Taylor

Medical Device Manufacturing Internship: Meet Nick Taylor

In just a few years’ time, Nick Taylor has gone from building and taking a part radios to constructing and working with robots within a medical device manufacturing internship. During his high school years, Nick participated in an engineering career program. Today, he is a collegiate engineering student working as an intern with Genesis Plastics and Welding creating complex prototypes of medical equipment. 

Nick is a junior mechatronics major at Purdue Polytechnic Institute in Anderson, Indiana. During the fall semester of 2020 while searching for internships, Nick connected with Genesis through his university’s career resources. 

“I interviewed with several companies,” shares Nick, “but I really liked Genesis, so I decided to continue on with them.” 

As a Genesis intern, Nick uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models to create prototypes of medical equipment. Nick completes the majority of his work by himself, which has contributed to his individual growth. However, should he need help, Nick feels he can always go to his supervisors for assistance. 

“My supervisors are always available for me to ask questions,” says Nick. “So, I ask a lot of questions and they’re very helpful.” 

Throughout his time as an intern, Nick has homed in on his technical skills, while learning more about the engineering supply chain. 

“Prior to my internship, I knew about how things were made,” says Ethan, “but I didn’t know about the prototype buying process. Now, I understand how companies order parts and services from each other.”

Nick’s dream job is to work as an engineer for BMW Headquarters in Germany. Regardless of where the future takes him, Nick is confident that his Genesis experience will help contribute to his future success.  

“Genesis is a great place to learn,” says Nick. “They are always open to questions and focus on a real understanding of the job. Genesis has taught me a lot.”

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