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Genesis Plastics Welding Achieves ISO 13485:2016 Certification

Tom Ryder, president and CEO of Indianapolis-based medical device contract manufacturer Genesis Plastics Welding, Inc., announced today the successful completion of Genesis’ ISO 13485:2016 certification.

“Achieving the 2016 version of the ISO 13485 certification only furthers our position as a collaborative contract manufacturing partner for global medical device OEMs,” says Ryder. “I’m extremely proud of my team on the achievement.”

Originally certified ISO 13485:2003 in early 2013, upgrading to the 2016 version of the certification is part of the company’s continued dedication to quality-focused systems and processes. As a leading provider of contract manufacturing and development services of radio frequency welded medical devices, a dedication to continuous improvement is at the foundation of Genesis’ success in the industry. Read more

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Genesis Plastics Welding Adds AED Unit

Genesis Plastics Welding Adds AED Unit to Manufacturing Facility

In matters of life and death, single moments matter. Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are an important lifesaving technology that can increase the chance of survival for those who suffer heart-related emergencies, such as a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Genesis Plastics Welding is proud to have an AED unit joining its Indianapolis-area advanced manufacturing plant.

What Is a Cardiac Arrest?

A cardiac arrest occurs when the heart unexpectedly stops beating. It strikes people of all ages, even children and teens. When it occurs, the individual collapses, doesn’t respond or breathe normally. They may gasp or shake. A cardiac arrest can lead to death in minutes, if the individual does not get help immediately. Survival depends on bystanders calling 911, starting CPR and using an AED, if available. Read more

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Indiana Advanced Manufacturing Forward Momentum

On Wednesday February 20, 2019 Senator Mike Braun stopped by Indiana Medical Device Manufacturing Council (IMDMC) member Genesis Plastics Welding and met with CEO Tom Ryder to tour the facility and see Hancock County manufacturing firsthand. As an Indiana business owner, he can relate to the hurdles HR teams face with the current low unemployment rate and a growing need for skilled workers within Indiana advanced manufacturing. Braun discussed a continued positive momentum to take our state’s workforce to the next level with a focus on education and training for high-priority industries and in-demand jobs. He also discussed other challenges small to mid-size businesses face, such as the rising costs of health insurance for employees.

Learn more about IMDMC

Learn more about NextLevel Jobs Indiana

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Genesis Plastic Welding’s Tom Ryder Talks 2019 Outlook

2019 is looking bright for many industries, including medical device. Industry experts predict overall revenue growth driven by continued innovation and emerging technologies.

As markets evolve and drive opportunity, it should be a banner year for contract manufacturers, as well. Growth for many medical device OEMs is presenting capacity questions – expand or farm out. With ever-narrowing margins and increased competition, strategic outsourcing bridges the gap quickest and most efficiently.

Additionally, industry leaders outside of medical device are setting their sights on acquisition and targeting the purchase of medical-based companies in order to diversify and break into the lucrative market. Contract manufacturing partners with medical device design, development and production expertise will be key in helping these specific manufacturers hit the ground running. Read more

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Manufacturing Day | Inspiring the Next Manufacturing Generation

The lights come up, the hour is over, and you’ve learned quite a bit from a “how-to” video tutorial in your Manufacturing 101 class. And while classrooms are integral to the education process, many of us may remember that an actual hands-on learning experience gave us an on-the-job and real-life view of business that we just couldn’t get inside of a classroom.

Manufacturing Day

Friday, October 5 is National Manufacturing Day—a day set aside as a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire a future generation of manufacturers. You might say that at Genesis Plastics Welding we celebrate that day every day. Even though we aren’t in a classroom ourselves every day, we haven’t forgotten how important it is to offer the next generation of innovators and potential medical device workers hands-on internship experiences that expand their learning realm and inspire a future career in the manufacturing industry.

“There are so many unknowns in the world for today’s students considering career path options. Hands-on internships can be very enlightening for most students and such a great experience and added value for the employer as well,” said Genesis Plastics Welding President and CEO Tom Ryder.  Read more