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Genesis Plastics Welding Speaks at AMI Medical Fluid Bags Conference

Nathan Glass, Genesis Plastics Welding

Genesis Plastics Welding will head to Boston October 4 and 5, 2018 to attend, exhibit and participate in and speak at AMI’s Medical Fluid Bags Conference. For over thirty years, industry leader Genesis Plastics Welding has developed a respected expertise in the RF welding and heat sealing of specialty medical fluid bags for a global OEM market.

The fall conference will allow start-ups, innovators, manufacturers and industry partners to network and facilitate conversations mapping out the future opportunities for industry growth, in the United States and worldwide, by exploring advances in polymer bags for fluid containment. The medical fluid bags sector is growing rapidly creating new interest as competitive growth in the marketplace is anticipated to be over $4 billion by 2024. A growth in the elderly population and age-related disorders are driving the competitive medical fluid bags market including: Blood bags, IV bags, collection bags, irrigation bags, drain bags and mixing pouches. Read more

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[In the News] MedDevice Material Innovations

Late last week in Medical Plastics News online, Lorna O’Gara of Ultrapolymers took a look at polymer innovation in medical device and discussed the importance of taking into account the desired performance characteristics of a device, as well as, environmental factors, when selecting materials. She noted the importance getting stakeholders involved at the earliest possible stage of the design process to ensure the material most suited for the device’s application is selected.

We couldn’t agree more. This is often an early topic of discussion with our contract manufacturing medical device clients, as we help them to navigate from concept to commercialization. It’s such an important topic that we’ve developed several downloadable free resources for the industry and have material engineers on staff to help with selection and material challenges.

In the article, O’Gara also touches on PVC alternatives within MedDevice manufacturing. While, PVC is often the first choice for products such as IV fluid bags, dialysis solution products and blood bags, more and more medical device OEMs are searching out alternative polymer solutions for products where phthalate free is highly desired due to patient contact and other factors.

Over the years, switching to a PVC alternative has presented an issue for OEMs where radio frequency welding was the mode of sealing for their thin thermoplastic devices, however, due to Genesis Plastics Welding’s propriety RF welding technology, heat sealing non-PVC films without the addition of additives has become easy. Finally, OEMs have been able to gain material strength, flexibility, optimal yields and excellent barrier properties without having to choose PVC.

Visit Medical Plastics News for the entire article, where O’Gara masterfully discusses flexible medical device applications, material innovations in TPUs, TPEs and recyclable Polyolefin materials that will continue to help hospitals minimize their PVC waste.

Have a material selection conundrum for your thin film medical device? Let our team of engineers help. Contact us today.

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Radio Frequency Weld TPEs

We recently came across the below resource from Teknor Apex, a plastics industry leader focused on custom compounds including thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs). Within the SlideShare resource they detail the different versions of TPE compounds and the positives and negatives of each. Many don’t realize that it is possible to radio frequency weld TPEs.

Frequently, clients come to the Genesis Plastics Welding engineering team with material questions as they work to identify the perfect thermoplastic materials for their radio frequency welded products. Often the characteristics of the raw materials play into how it will react to the RF welding process and end functionality.

Having robust resources like the below, help to guide clients through the material selection process and provide a better understanding of the material characteristics. In the end, it’s all about identifying materials that meet specifications and business objectives, promote cost savings and accelerate the production process.

Traditionally, TPEs are not able to be welded by standard Radio Frequency Welding (RF Welding), but due to Genesis’ proprietary welding technology, ecoGenesis, they can be. However, it does still depend on the mix of the TPE. If there is too high of a percentage of thermoset content within the TPE, the heat sealing may be affected.

Learn more about TPE compounds and thermoplastic elastomer families here:

Learn more about the radio frequency welding of low-loss polymers, and how uniform, high-quality welds are possible in materials such as olefins and TPEs. See all the materials Genesis is able to heat seal within our ISO 13485 contract manufacturing facility.

Don’t be stumped by a material challenge. Contact us today!



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Three Undeniable Reasons Why Genesis Plastics Welding

There is no doubt that multiple avenues exist for the contract manufacture of medical devices and radio frequency welded components. After all, competition is an important aspect of the quoting process for sourcing and procurement teams. It is key in pinpointing a single or dual source at the best price and quality, that also meets all outlined product specifications.

However, did you know competition also drives innovation and motivates organizations just like Genesis Plastics Welding to be leaders within their industries? It is a driving force that inspires us to think innovatively, focus on quality and customer satisfaction, know our customers better than anyone else and continuously seek improvement.

Here are three undeniable reasons why Genesis Plastics Welding should be your medical device contract manufacturer of choice:

  1. Nearly three decades of radio frequency welding (rf welding) expertise along with comprehensive medical device outsourcing solutions from initial concept to low or high volume production.
  2. Unmatched technical expertise in the art and science of thermoplastics heat sealing of polar and non-polar plastics, including specialty materials.
  3. As a true collaborative partner, we pride ourselves on assisting medical device manufacturing clients in the nurture of innovation with an eye on overall business goals, even if that means helping shift production outside our Indiana facility as volumes climb.
Genesis Plastics Welding: Your Medical Device Manufacturer of Choice

We understand that as a sourcing team you need to explore all avenues, but we remain confident that if you are in search of the authority on radio frequency welding and an industry leader in the manufacture of heat sealed medical devices all paths will lead to Genesis Plastics Welding.

Check out those three undeniable reasons one more time, and let’s get started. Send us your request for a quote. Schedule a visit and see us in action. Either way, simply put, Genesis Plastics Welding is your medical device contract manufacturing answer.


Blog Author: Jason Spoolstra, Sales Engineer


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RF Welding Contract Manufacturer Genesis Plastics Welding Hires Jud McKinney as Product and Process Development Engineer

Genesis Plastics Welding is pleased to announce the addition of Jud McKinney as product and process development engineer to assist contract manufacturing clients in the research, design and development of plastic welded products within the medical, automotive, sport and military industries.

With a significant knowledge of raw thermoplastic materials suitable for radio frequency (RF), ultrasonic and impulse welding, McKinney is responsible for helping clients source the right materials for their applications to meet business objectives, promote cost savings and accelerate the production process. He also performs analytical and quality testing on products throughout the development and production cycles to ensure product integrity.

“Many clients come to Genesis because they know we have a thorough knowledge of proper utilization of polar and non-polar materials within the RF welding setting,” said Tom Ryder, president and CEO of Genesis Plastics Welding. “It’s a very important and exciting role for Jud to guide our customers in the materials selection process. Especially since so many clients are charged to find new materials that will cut manufacturing costs or replace PVC or PU, but still have comparable characteristics and performance.”

McKinney, a graduate of Ball State University, joins Genesis with more than 30 years of automotive and medical device manufacturing and project engineering experienced. Prior to Genesis, McKinney worked as a senior manufacturing engineer for Medivative Technologies. Additionally, he spent several years in the plastics injection molding and plastics extrusion arena and is ASQ certified.

“We are pleased to have Jud as part of our engineering talent,” said Ryder. “He brings years of industry expertise and resin knowledge that will continue to help guide our clients in the materials selection process, from PVC to PU to Olefins and beyond.”