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Genesis Plastics Welding Heads to Medical Fluid Bags Conference 2017

Tom Ryder, Genesis Plastics Welding

We’re passionate about innovation and keeping up on the latest developments and advancements within Medtech. The energy spurs our team onward in our collaborative efforts to help global OEMs take their RF heat sealed medical devices to commercialization.

We’re pleased to be a part of a new international conference landing in Woburn, MA October 12 – 13, 2017 – Medical Fluid Bags 2017! The conference will focus on the on-going advancements in design and production of polymer bags and pouches for fluid containment in a diverse range of medical applications, such as blood bags, intravenous bags, collection bags, irrigation bags, drain bags and mixing pouches.

Medical Fluid Bags Conference Topics Will Include:

  • Design Trends
  • Market Opportunities
  • Films
  • Additive Options
  • Film Calendaring
  • Extrusion Technologies
  • Bag Production Techniques
  • Product Testing
  • Compliance

Advances in Medical Fluid Bag Production Technologies

Genesis Plastics Welding President and CEO Tom Ryder is pleased to be presenting at the conference and helping to explore ways to optimize the production of medical fluid bags. He is speaking within session five of the conference on advances in production technologies. Look for his presentation titled Optimizing the RF Welding of Specialty Bags Taking Account of Key Components. He’ll dive into film and connection considerations when developing a specialty fluid bag and offer development suggestions to aid in the research, prototype and validation stages.

The Genesis team also will be exhibiting at the conference, so make sure to stop and say hello. Catching up with industry peers and meeting new faces is one of our favorite things.

Find out more about the conference here and download the event program guide.

See you in October!

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by Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team

[In the News] Biobag Acts as an Artificial ‘Plastic Bag’ Womb

Biobag acts as a womb to support development of a premature lamb.

There are many new awe-inspiring medical device products currently in research and development across the global. One that has us saying “Wow” and taking note is an impressive “biobag” that acts as an artificial womb. Scientists have been able to keep premature lambs alive for weeks using this specialized RF welded medical device plastic bag womb.

Once proven through clinical trials, this device has the potential to help support premature infants and increase their chance of survival. It’s truly a groundbreaking new device, as well as, a mission-critical device that greatly benefits from RF welding for high integrity durable seams.

To read more on this cutting-edge medical device fluid bag and to see it in action, click here .

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