Genesis Planning for Product Realization

How are customer requirements translated into a manufacturing process by Genesis Plastics Welding?

In order to ensure that all product design specifications are translated from client documents and drawings into a robust manufacturing process at Genesis Plastics Welding, our team executes a product realization (PPR) process.

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Industry Processes

At a high level, this process includes the following:


Phase Content
Feasibility Client product specifications and general product needs are reviewed to ensure that Genesis Plastics Welding has the capability to supply equipment, tooling and resources to successfully produce the product in question. Initial cost estimates are also compiled at this phase.
Quote Investigate all costs and business risks to manufacture, and translate that information into a preliminary quote (materials, test methods, sampling, production equipment, tooling, labor costs, etc).
Transition customer to active status Receive signed quote from customer. Create customer master file, complete contract review and accept PO. Receive NRE and/or tooling prepays from the customer, prompts population of critical manufacturing information into GSS and approved vendor list. Evaluate and approve raw material vendors. Order materials for manufacturing development.
IQ, OQ Design, receive and qualify (IQ) manufacturing equipment and / or tooling. Draft Device Master Record (DMR) and final product specifications from customer documentation. Devise and execute operational qualification (OQ) to identify optimal conditions of manufacture.
First Article Send first article and Genesis’ Customer Specification document to client for approval.
PQ Complete manufacturing process validation via 3 small PQ manufacturing runs, performed under final operating conditions.
Launch Review and finalize all production documentation.
Release manufacturing process for product manufacture.
Post-launch review Review the success of product launch, including elements such as product manufacturability, production documentation, and job costing