Kitting, Assembly, and Packaging

Professional, Precise Packaging
Genesis Plastics Welding’s team of highly skilled operators are well-versed in kitting, assembly and packaging for medical device, military, and other highly precise product lines, both sterile and non-sterile. We know how critical it is to have the final packaged product reach the end user exactly to specifications.

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Your Supply Chain Partner

We also know there is great value in a supply chain partner who can help coordinate the purchase, assembly, and packaging of final devices and products with their kit items.

Kitting, Assembly and Packaging Services:

  • Final Decorating and Labeling
  • Kit Packing
  • Bonding with Tubing or End Fittings
  • Flanging, Tipping, and Punching
  • Banding
  • Bulk Packing
  • Coordination of Sterilization Management
  • Custom Device or Product Packaging