Contract Manufacturing

A True Collaborative Partner

At Genesis Plastics Welding, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop innovative RF welding and heat sealing solutions for our contract manufacturing clients in the medical, military, automotive and consumer industries. Our engineering team works collaboratively with each client through the development and design process all the way through production and delivery in order to meet strategic business objectives for our contract manufacturing partners.

In demand medical device products contract manufactured by Genesis Plastics Welding include: laparoscopic and surgical, infection prevention, medical fluid bags and collection pouches, regenerative medicine devices and bags, cyrogenic storage, oxygen hoods, PPE equipment, wound care and more.

High Quality, Custom Product Development

Product development engineers experienced in design, fabrication, automation, process improvement, testing, and evaluation work closely with customers to bring new products to market that can be produced effectively and on a large scale. The manufacturing processes followed at Genesis facilitate the continued and consistent production of high-quality products that our clients have come to expect.

Custom product development solutions draw from our team’s extensive engineering expertise and include:

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