ISO 13485

Leading Contract Manufacturer

of RF Welded Products

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ISO 13485

Leading Contract Manufacturer

of RF Welded Products

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From concept to go-to-market success, we’re bridging the gaps for OEMs.

Midwest Contract Manufacturing

Radio frequency welded solutions tough enough to withstand repeat use, extreme temperatures and excessive wear and tear.

RF Welding and Heat Sealing Solutions

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Contract manufacturing of heat-sealed thermoplastics in a FDA registered ISO 13485:2016 Class 7 certified environment

Medical Device Clean Room Manufacturing

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Genesis Plastics Welding is proud to manufacture RF welded,
government-procured products for our active military and veterans.

Government Radio Frequency Heat Sealing Solutions

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We work on the forefront of innovation and technology to take products from an idea all the way to the end consumer.

Radio Frequency Welding and Heat Sealing Services

Genesis Plastics Welding is an ISO 13485:2003 certified contract manufacturer utilizing radio frequency (RF), ultrasonic and impulse welding technologies to manufacture thin film plastic products for clients serving the military, medical, and other industries. Our heat sealing services provide a comprehensive solution for outsourcing manufacturing needs from low- to high-volume production.

Benefits of Radio Frequency Welding


More Efficient Processing


Eco-Friendly Alternative


Improved Quality

Meet Genesis Plastics Welding

A vibrant Indianapolis-based ISO 13485:2016 certified contract manufacturer specializing in the radio frequency welding and heat sealing of thermoplastic medical device products.


“The Genesis Plastics Welding team has become a true consultant for us – developing innovative solutions to problems with our initial designs.” -Medical Device Manufacturer

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Quality Audits Genesis Plastics Welding

Providing Personalized and High-Quality Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Services

“If you’re considering our clean room manufacturing services, we encourage you to inquire about our quality audits. We comply with our customers’ specified quality standards and proudly provide our customers with complete transparency into our processes.”

– Tom Ryder, President & CEO