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Meet Vonco Products

Did you know Genesis Plastics Welding was recently acquired by Wisconsin-based Vonco Products LLC? The acquisition merges the talents of both organizations and further fuels even more end-to-end contract manufacturing solutions for customers. Read about the acquisition here.

Meet Vonco Products

An industry-leading risk-free plastic products and packaging manufacturer, Vonco Products has over 60 years of experience delivering custom flexible packaging, product, and component solutions, from concept to commercialization.

Vonco began as a custom equipment and packaging pioneer. As market demand grew exponentially, they diversified to include the design and manufacturing of custom plastic products, components, and packaging, as well as, several value-add services.

Custom Fluid Bags

Their unparalleled ability to customize liquid-tight bags for fluids into and out of the body of any desired shape or fitment utilizing both supported and unsupported films provides an edge over industry peers within medical and consumer markets.

Where others run from a challenge, Vonco runs toward it. Their custom liquid-tight flexible packaging solutions are guaranteed. And that’s more than just sales talk! Their proprietary manufacturing techniques allow for bag film to be shaped, sealed, and cut at the same time, ensuring liquid-tight seals for every bag.

Vonco has the technology, creativity and experience to take products and flexible packaging to the next level for global OEMs. The Genesis family is thrilled to join forces knowing that Vonco is just as passionate about collaboration, manufacturing excellence, and solutions that enable innovation.

Stringent Quality Standards & Roadmap to Launch Success

Additionally, Vonco features stringent quality management systems and is ISO 13485:2016 certified and FDA 21CFR 820 compliant. Products and services meet, or exceed, regulatory, and customer requirements.

Vonco also has the ability to assist clients with a roadmap to commercialization, a comprehensive plan that streamlines the product development process, from concept to launch success. They have a keen understanding of design for manufacturability (DFM) and building efficiency within critical processes and risk mitigating along the way.

As a division of Vonco Products, we look forward to maximizing our talents and bringing you even more value as a full-service turnkey contract manufacturing partner.

Expanded capabilities include:

  • Custom plastic fitments, spouts, and more
  • Filling relationships and placing filling equipment
  • Even faster rapid prototyping
  • Robust concept to commercialization support
  • Even more clean room manufacturing space
  • Turnkey stand up pouches, and even more custom fluid bag solutions
  • Management of your sterilization process
  • Sourcing consolidation and critical component sourcing support
  • Finished device assembly, kitting, and packaging services

View Vonco’s medical industry product gallery here.

View Vonco’s consumer industry product gallery here.

Ready to quickly take your innovative product from concept to commercialization?

Ready to quickly take your innovative product from concept to commercialization? Let’s chat. 

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Vonco Acquires Genesis Plastics Welding

Vonco Acquires Genesis Plastics Welding, a Trusted Plastics Contract Manufacturer

This acquisition significantly expands Vonco’s plastic contract manufacturing capabilities and services for healthcare and consumer markets.

Vonco Products LLC, an industry-leading risk-free plastic products and packaging manufacturer is excited to announce the acquisition of Genesis Plastics Welding, its third acquisition in as many years.

Indiana-based, Genesis Plastics Welding is an ISO 13485-certified:2016 thermoplastics contract manufacturer providing world-class medical device innovation and collaboration through radio frequency (RF) welding and heat sealing.

“Vonco is on a mission to create more value by broadening the scope of our innovative services and product lines for our customers,” said Keith Smith, CEO of Vonco.

This acquisition will enable Vonco to provide exceptional support and value to clients who need specialty medical devices, fluid bags, flexible packaging, contract packaging and sterilization management. Additional capabilities include:

  • RF welding and heat sealing manufacturing
  • Increased clean room manufacturing footprint
  • Expanded product offerings: bioprocessing, cell separation and culture, cryogenic storage, and blood bags

For nearly three decades, Genesis has tailored its custom solutions to create value and reduce risk by providing breakthrough single-use fluid bags and other disposable healthcare products. Their expertise in RF welding, in combination with industry experience, helped leading OEMs with concept design, process and product validation, materials selection and evaluation, prototyping, product and process improvement, sterilization, PVC replacement and much more.

Tom Ryder, CEO of Genesis, said “We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest industry trends and technologies to support and understand our clients’ business needs, he continued, “We are assured to know that Vonco aligns with our passion to collaborate with current and future customers to manufacture life saving devices and provide solutions that enable innovation.”

Smith added, “This acquisition will support our mission of “We care more”, by merging the talent of both organizations and supporting our ability to produce even more end-to-end solutions for our customers. The addition will expand our plastic contract manufacturing capabilities within our current line of infection prevention, medical fluid bags and specimen transport products. Genesis Plastics Welding clients can expect to receive even greater quality, support, service, and innovation as both teams integrate.”

To learn more about the Genesis Plastics Welding acquisition visit, call 800.323.9077, or email

Vonco is an FDA-registered facility with Class II medical device capability and is ISO 13485:2016-certified.

About Vonco
Vonco Products delivers the experience, innovation, technology, and creativity needed to take ideas from concept to commercialization – as quickly as possible. Both a packaging company and a components company, Vonco fills a unique space of manufacturing both custom flexible packaging solutions, and custom flexible component solutions. Vonco started as a custom equipment and packaging pioneer. Now with over sixty years of experience, equipment requests have shifted to designing and manufacturing customized plastic products, packaging and components. The unparalleled ability to customize liquid tight bags of any desired shape or fitment using both supported and unsupported films gives Vonco an edge over peers in medical and consumer markets.

About Genesis Plastics Welding
Genesis Plastics Welding is an Indiana-based ISO 13485:2016-certified contract manufacturer specialized in the art of radio frequency (RF) welding and heat sealing of thermoplastic components and products. As an industry leader, Genesis is a go-to manufacturing partner for flexible single-patient devices and custom fluid bags for clients worldwide.

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Explore Smart Outsourcing at BPI 2023

Will we see you at BioProcess International Conference and Exhibition (BPI 2023) in Boston or San Diego this year? It’s the perfect conference and expo to explore smart outsourcing to accelerate promising biologics, cell and gene therapies for commercial success.

Known as one of the largest annual bioprocessing events, BPI is an informative and well-attended show.

The event includes conference tracks covering novel science across all phases of bioprocessing for biologics, cell and gene therapies, as well as, a digital on-demand experience and knowledgeable exhibitors with expertise supporting the entire spectrum of biopharma development and production.

This year’s agenda includes even more of the industry’s top scientists presenting on the latest updates on how to improve efficiencies across all phases of biopharmaceutical development and production.

Attend BPI 2023

With a 3-day attendee pass, you’ll be able to connect face-to-face with 1800+ global scientists, engineers and executives working across the entire spectrum of biopharmaceutical development and production.

Plus, access the latest technologies and innovation through live exhibit displays from 200+ global suppliers, CDMOs and CROs who can accelerate your promising biologics towards commercial success, and stay at the forefront of innovation by accessing peer-submitted, unpublished research from scientists across North America, Europe and Asia.

Don’t Miss It

Make sure you don’t miss the technology showcases in the BPI 2023 Theater located inside the exhibition. You’ll be able learn about today’s leading products and technologies that can help accelerate your products to market

And – make sure to stop by Genesis Plastic Welding’s booth at BPI. We can’t wait to chat custom 2D and 3D fluid bags to support your bioprocessing operations for biologics, cell and gene therapies.

See you at BPI! And download our free 2D and 3D bioprocessing fluid bag checklist here.

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Looking To Get Out of PVC

Many medical device OEMs are looking to get out of PVC and for medical-grade material alternatives due to the EU’s pledge to ban the use of harmful chemical groups like PFAS, BPA and PVC by 2030. PVC is a common plastic-type, especially within life-saving medical device applications such as tubing and containers, IV sets, surgical products, fluid bags (especially blood bags), and many other products.

The EU’s top concerns include chemicals that are increasingly linked to cancer, developmental disruption in childhood, life-long endocrine disruption and environmental damage.

First applied to medical applications during WWII, PVC is the most widely used plastic in healthcare, accounting for approximately 25% of all medical-plastic compounds.Plastics Today

Historically, praised for its unique technical properties, low-cost, high biocompatibility and recyclability, it is the most common, but other medical device polymers include polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, and ABS. PVC was first introduced in medical applications during World War II to replace glass, metal, ceramics, and rubber medical devices, which required cleaning and sterilization between uses.

PVC Alternatives & Sustainable Solutions

Fast-forward to today and many device manufacturers are actively searching for medical-grade PVC alternatives to continue to innovate and make vital contributions to human health.

One of the film suppliers meeting the challenge is RENOLIT Healthcare Solutions. Their custom-made solutions and tailor-made films are offering device manufacturers sustainable solutions to minimize their carbon footprint. When it comes to medical device, many OEMS have very specific specifications for films for their innovative products. Qualities like specific barriers, puncture resistance, gas and liquid barriers, specific mechanical properties, optical properties and transparency.

RENOLIT Healthcare Solutions is a market leader for medical-grade high-value non-PVC films for flexible polymer single-use products such as blood bags, biotechnology applications, IV bags, dialysis applications, nutrition devices, high-quality components likes ports and caps, multi-layer polyolefin secondary packaging and other tailor-made solutions.

They are making vital contributions to human health in many areas of the healthcare including 3D printing, biotechnology, blood and blood components, drug manufacturing and delivery, food, medical equipment, orthopedic implants, and pharmaceuticals.

Stumped by a Materials Challenge?

Over our three decades, the Genesis Plastics Welding engineering team has often seen OEMs stumped by a materials challenge. Due to our extensive database of medical-grade raw materials, we’re able to keep customers on track with quick and efficient product development and testing. Our engineers work with clients across the globe to select the best material that will meet business objectives, promote cost savings and accelerate the production process.

Is your team stumped by a fluid bag materials challenge? We can help. Let’s chat.

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2023 Medical Device Manufacturing Trends

The last few pandemic years have been full of disruptions and hurdles, but also, amazing collaborations and pivots, especially within medical device —  let’s chat 2023 medical device manufacturing trends with Genesis Plastics Welding’s Tom Ryder.

2023 Medical Device Manufacturing Trends

Minimally Invasive and Wearable Devices

Integrated, minimally invasive and wearable devices that track key health data and provide instant feedback are quickly becoming a healthcare game changer. They also are fueling better patient outcomes.

Recently, Genesis has been proud to work with medical device OEM Recovery Force on a first-of-its-kind, therapeutic mobility measurement tool, The Movement and Compressions™ (MAC) System. The innovative wearable medical device stimulates blood flow in the lower extremities by delivering therapeutic compression for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in at-risk patients.

The minimally invasive, wearable and digital health device niche will only continue to grow over the next decade.

Medical Device Supply Chain Collaborations

Many OEMs and their supply chain vendors have experienced procurement shortages, delays and constraints over the pandemic. Additionally, there have been increased costs and logistics nightmares.

In the midst of all of that, there has been resiliency as well. Those that have remained the most flexible have noted proactive communication and strategic outsourced collaboration at the core of their resiliency. That starts with building long-lasting business relationships and giving vendors visibility of upcoming needs.

As an industry leader within plastics radio frequency (RF) welding and heat sealing contract manufacturing, we know collaborative outsourcing is essential to fueling innovation and bridging the gap from concept to commercialization quickly, safely and effectively.

For Genesis, our strong medical film supplier relationships have been key for us and our customers. It’s helped bring next gen medical devices and components to market even in the middle of the storm, and help propel new innovative devices to market faster than ever.

Sustainability & Regulatory Considerations

Sustainable solutions to minimize OEMs carbon footprint will continue to be a growing trend.

The EU’s pledge to ban the use of harmful chemical groups like PFAS, BPA and PVC by 2030 has many medical device OEMs scrambling to pinpoint non-PVC medical-grade material alternatives for applications such as tubing and containers, IV sets, surgical products, fluid bags (especially blood bags), and many other plastic medical device products to continue to innovate and bring life-saving devices to market around the world.

OEMs, Seize the Moment with Quick Action

No matter the 2023 medical device manufacturing trends, as always, tomorrow’s market belongs to medical device leaders who seize the moment and act quickly to meet ever-changing demands. 2023 looks to be a banner year for medical device contract manufacturers, especially those supporting OEMs within therapeutics and wearable devices.

Make sure you’re ready to competitively seize the moment even quicker than ever before with smart outsourcing. You can’t afford just any contract manufacturing supplier. You need an expert on your side. Let’s chat.

Curious about even more 2023 healthcare and medical device trends? Check out this Forbes article.