RF Welding Contract Manufacturer Genesis Plastics Welding Hires Jud McKinney as Product and Process Development Engineer

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Genesis Plastics Welding is pleased to announce the addition of Jud McKinney as product and process development engineer to assist contract manufacturing clients in the research, design and development of plastic welded products within the medical, automotive, sport and military industries.

With a significant knowledge of raw thermoplastic materials suitable for radio frequency (RF), ultrasonic and impulse welding, McKinney is responsible for helping clients source the right materials for their applications to meet business objectives, promote cost savings and accelerate the production process. He also performs analytical and quality testing on products throughout the development and production cycles to ensure product integrity.

“Many clients come to Genesis because they know we have a thorough knowledge of proper utilization of polar and non-polar materials within the RF welding setting,” said Tom Ryder, president and CEO of Genesis Plastics Welding. “It’s a very important and exciting role for Jud to guide our customers in the materials selection process. Especially since so many clients are charged to find new materials that will cut manufacturing costs or replace PVC or PU, but still have comparable characteristics and performance.”

McKinney, a graduate of Ball State University, joins Genesis with more than 30 years of automotive and medical device manufacturing and project engineering experienced. Prior to Genesis, McKinney worked as a senior manufacturing engineer for Medivative Technologies. Additionally, he spent several years in the plastics injection molding and plastics extrusion arena and is ASQ certified.

“We are pleased to have Jud as part of our engineering talent,” said Ryder. “He brings years of industry expertise and resin knowledge that will continue to help guide our clients in the materials selection process, from PVC to PU to Olefins and beyond.”

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