The Make-Versus-Buy Decision: Top Six Considerations

by Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team

The Make-Versus-Buy Decision: Top Six Considerations 

Genesis-plastics-welding-make-vs-buy_medToday’s competitive manufacturing landscape means OEMs face constant pressure to increase output, spur innovation and keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies, all while reducing costs and minimizing waste. This often leads companies to evaluate whether it makes better business sense to keep all production in-house or outsource manufacturing efforts.

However, many OEMs fall into the trap of making a make-versus-buy decision based on incomplete information, or decide to keep production in-house out of precedent or purely because the capabilities already exist internally.

Many factors impact the make-versus-buy decision, but the most critical considerations relate to your overall business strategy and hard costs. For instance, how much of your capital is tied up in projects that are not part of your core competencies?

Outsourcing production can lessen operational costs and free up equipment, labor and facility space that could be spent on core capabilities. By refocusing resources in areas where you see the greatest return on investment, you’re making more room for product innovation.

At Genesis, we’ve helped OEMs in medical, military and other industries gain a competitive edge by providing manufacturing solutions that increase efficiency and flexibility and decrease time to market. Based on nearly three decades of serving the contract thermoplastics welding needs of our customers, we have identified the top six considerations that will help get you started on a conducting a thorough make-versus-buy analysis. Click here to download our free solution brief.

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