On the Road with CEO Tom Ryder: The Single Most Important Question

by Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team

As Indiana yo-yoed between winter and spring recently, I spent a bit of time in sunny California visiting clients. I was happy to take one for the team and hit the friendly skies. Okay, okay I’ll be honest, maybe the warmth of California had a little draw too.

In early January, via my On the Road blog series, I chatted about what really matters – our relationships with our clients. Having the honor to talk with our clients and industry friends one-on-one is always something I value and I greatly enjoy my trips to their facilities.

As I spent time in the air headed west earlier this month, I pondered truly the single most important question we can ever ask our clients, prospects, friends and family: “How can we help?”

Four simple words, yet when strung together they’re four very powerful words.

As a contract manufacturer, a cornerstone to our business is how we are able to serve others. However, on the path to harnessing our heat sealing and engineering expertise for their benefit, we must first listen. And it all begins with that single most important question.

How can we help?

Click here to contact us today or call us 317-482-4202. We’re happy to explore options to assist any way we can to bring your RF heat sealed product from concept to market.