Meeting Hyperbaric Oxygen Hoods Rising Demand

by Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team

For 25 years, Genesis Plastics Welding has made hyperbaric oxygen hoods, designed to help patients recover from respiratory distress and avoid risks associated with other devices. We are proud to be leveraging our experience to meet rising market demand amid the Cornovirus (COVID-19) pandemic worldwide.

Need for Hyperbaric Oxygen Hoods

As respiratory illnesses rise, so does the demand for high-impact, low-cost, non-invasive ventilation. Oxygen hoods are plastic, oxygen-filled domes that fit like a helmet around a patient’s head.

How effective are they, really?

UChicago Medicine, a health system affiliated with the University of Chicago, reports a couple of studies that followed critically ill patients requiring mechanical breathing assistance. Patients were randomly assigned oxygen hoods or standard face masks.

The initial study, in 2016, found that patients using oxygen hoods instead of face masks were able to breathe better and avoid intubation with a ventilator machine. They also spent less time in intensive care and had better survival.

One year later, researchers followed up with the same patients. Those who received ventilation via oxygen hoods “were more likely to be functionally independent than those given a face mask, and spent more days living at home.”

The University’s data and safety monitoring board concluded that oxygen hoods “consistently demonstrated multiple advantages, particularly the reduced need to intubate patients and longer-term reduction in mortality,” said pulmonologist John P. Kress, MD, a senior author of the study.

Benefits didn’t stop there: Oxygen hoods are less likely to leak, which enables clinicians to increase air pressure inside the hood, improving oxygen levels, Kress explained. Additionally, oxygen hoods are easier for patients to tolerate because there’s nothing pressing on their faces, and they can see well enough through it to read, talk or watch TV.

For a quarter of a century, we’ve helped OEMs bring hyperbaric  oxygen hoods to market.

The Genesis Plastics Welding advantage

OEMs choose us for our clean room capabilities, strict attention to quality, and unique solutions to sustainability and toxicity challenges, among many reasons. We’ve earned a reputation as problem solvers, finding ways to do what other contract manufacturers say can’t be done. It’s why organizations like the Scottish Life Sciences Association have chosen us to help them innovate, reduce costs and extend the lifecycle of medical devices.

Altogether, that translates into processes and deliverables that meet stringent OEM criteria — whether that’s finding more sustainable materials or finding ways to scale without spending a fortune. Oxygen Hood

Your move

As market conditions shift, patients need your products more than ever. We’re makers, and we’re here to help you make the best of opportunities to bring healing to the audiences you serve.

When budgets are tight and market needs are high, Genesis Plastics Welding may be your best next step for the manufacture of in demand lifesaving medical device products.

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