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Genesis Plastics Welding training

At Genesis Plastics Welding we employ a unique jump start manufacturing training program that all employees complete, even our front office team members. It’s a mix of a hands-on week on the manufacturing floor, RF 101 with our resident guru of radio frequency welding and additional training on best practices, quality standards and safety protocol.

As a robust training and development program, it allows all of our staff to hit the ground running, strengthen skills and gain important firsthand manufacturing and RF welding knowledge. It’s a key element as to why we have some of the best people in the business on our team. However, it’s also a subject of curiosity for many as well, since we go about it in a unique way with the full week on the production floor.

Let’s Explore Genesis Plastics Welding’s Manufacturing Training Program from a Few Different Viewpoints:

Tom Ryder, Genesis Plastics WeldingTom Ryder, President and CEO

Many of our front office staff are intrigued and a bit amused that they began their first week with us in jeans and working on the production floor side by side with operators, not behind a computer at a desk diving into their new role with us. The thing they don’t realize is I’ve done it too. I’ve even unloaded sea containers on the docks. I’m an all-in type of CEO.

I love seeing their faces on clean room day as they don all the cleanroom gear from caps to shoe booties. It’s good to go a bit outside your comfort zone, isn’t it? At the end of their week there are so many positives noted. It’s definite aha moment for most, as they grasp our unique manufacturing niche in a whole new way.

Michael Finley, Genesis Plastics WeldingMichael Finley, Business Development

I’m a recent new addition to the Genesis team. By no means am I am expert, but I now have a tremendously better idea of the processes that take place in our facility and how different materials bond as a by-product of our training program. It’s a benefit to our customers, and has helped me during initial conversations to know if we are the right manufacturing partner for a potential client.


Dale Wagner, Genesis Plastics WeldingDale Wagner, Director of Engineering and Operations and Resident Heat Sealing / RF Welding Guru

I love that newbies get to see that our operators aren’t just button pushers. A week on the floor gives them an appreciation for the work it takes to make a good part. They see the great valve of our highly skilled operators. I think our training program especially allows customer service and sales team members to ask better questions and engineers a better understanding of design for manufacturing (DFM).

Organizational Success through Training

As a trusted innovator in the plastics welding industry, we understand the importance of training in the workplace and employee development. A robust training program brings employees to a higher level and is crucial to organizational success. Over our three decades, we’ve learned that a basic training program just doesn’t cut it, and we’re proud to go the extra step with our Genesis jump start program.

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