Boosting Production Speed, Savings with Custom Single-Use Shaker and Rocker Cell Culture Bags

by Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team

Custom Single-Use Shaker and Rocker Cell Culture Bags

“Better, cheaper, faster biologics production.” It’s how BioProcess Online described rising global needs in biopharma. In recent years, the industry has been moving toward single-use equipment within bioprocessing and bioproduction, especially shaker and rocker cell culture bags. The trend allows for competitive and faster biologics production, especially for R&D, clinical trials and individualized biologics for cellular and gene therapies.

Faster turnaround, lower costs

A few months ago, BioProcess published its Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity and Production. Findings indicated single-use bioreactors allow manufacturers to stay competitive, boost efficiencies and reduce costs. Single-use systems also provide greater flexibility and rapid scaling.

Further benefits identified by survey respondents include:

  • No cleaning requirements, since single-use equipment is used once and then discarded
  • Less time to get a facility up and running
  • Lower capital investment in facilities and equipment
  • Lower risk of cross-product contamination
  • Greater flexibility with a modular approach

2/3 of respondents: single-use equipment led to bioprocessing improvements

“Overall, bioprocessing professionals realize that single-use equipment has improved bioprocessing,” the report reads. “Over two-thirds of survey respondents cited single-use systems as providing some or significant improvement in their bioprocessing within the past year.”

The report cites supporting data from other sources in its conclusion that adoption of single-use systems in biopharma will continue to rise, generally replacing fixed stainless-steel equipment. “In addition, as cellular and gene therapies emerge, we will likely see single-use system technologies created and adapted explicitly for these personalized applications.”

Custom shaker or rocker cell culture bags

Among bioprocessing system components, most survey respondents have moved to adopt disposable fluid and media containment bags. At Genesis Plastics Welding, we’re applying our proprietary radio frequency welding of thermoplastics to produce custom single-use bags suitable for storage, preparation and processing of a variety of liquids including media, buffers, process liquids, and biological products within biotech and pharmaceutical bioprocessing applications.

Why Genesis for Bioprocess Shaker and Rocker Bags?

  • Single-Use Fluid Bag Manufacturing Expertise
  • ISO 13485:2016 Certified
  • Design and Development Consulting Services
  • Medical Grade Material Selection Assistance
  • Class 7 Clean Room Manufacturing
  • Responsive Results-Driven Customer-Centric Team

Looking to improve your bioprocessing system with a custom single-use bag? We’d love to help you clarify next steps and explore a potential solutions.

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