What Will We Be ‘Wearing’ in the Next 20 Years?


In 1966 we were in awe of Star Trek’s out-of-this-world mantra to “boldly go where no man has gone before.” And the iconic Spock direction to — Beam me up, Scottie — is still as recognizable now as it was 50-plus years ago. Humans are just drawn to gadgets of any kind. We always have been. Today, we communicate via smart phones and watches, internet, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and just about a hundred other platforms to stay connected. But in the early 1960s it must have seemed crazy to think that a Combadge could be tapped once to active and twice to deactivate and was used as a universal translator, a distress beacon and actually added a bit of novelty to the well-known Star Trek uniform.

Cutting-Edge Wearable Technology

You might call that 1960s Combadge a “wearable” in today’s marketplace. From your Apple watch or personal insulin pump to motion trackers and heart monitors—we are wearing our technology more today than ever. Users and manufacturers are looking for ways to improve the user experience, improve interfaces and data sharing and constantly on the search for cutting-edge alternatives to monitoring safety, health and wellness.

“The sky’s the limit when it comes to wearable tech in healthcare and potential innovations extend way beyond activity trackers,” Forbes contributor Unity Stoakes writes. “We’re already seeing sensors that improve quality of life, enable home diagnostics, make virtual health and remote monitoring possible, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Potential Medical Device Wearables

So, who is at the bottom of that soaring iceberg to help you take your potential medical device wearables from the beginning stages of navigation to staking your flag at the top of that icy climb?


Genesis Plastics Welding has the experience, innovative spirit, quality control and commitment to top-notch customer service that is needed to manufacture and serve global OEMs of wearable medical devices.

Our contract manufacturing capabilities and certifications include:

  • Radio Frequency Welding
  • Thin Film Heat Sealing
  • Clean Room Manufacturing
  • ISO 13485 Certified and FDA Registered
  • Material Selection, Sourcing and Handling Expertise
  • In-House Design and Development / Prototyping

Our vast manufacturing experience in the production of medical devices such as compression devices, therapy devices, wound care and medical fluid bags—and an already-in-place ISO 13485 certification —make us a valuable partner, as you seek out manufacturing assistance for development and production of your medical device wearable. Not sure how to take your idea from the cocktail napkin to the production line? Genesis Plastics Welding knows how important the right research and development partner can be, especially for a device that will need to perform to the high standards wearable consumers have come to demand. Plus, with our quick turnaround prototyping services and 3D print capabilities, your wearable device can become a reality sooner rather than later.

Wearable technology innovators are looking to go where “no man has gone before.” Moreover, US News and World Report shares that the medical technology product industry is one of the fastest growing in the country. Everyday consumers, especially those monitoring their health and well-being, are hungry for medical devices that can make their lives simpler and safer while monitoring their health without them having to worry about always needing to travel to a doctor’s office or a lab.

Innovators and Thought Leaders, Genesis Plastics Welding is listening and your need for a launchpad for entrepreneurs to bring technology from concept to the marketplace has been duly noted. MedTech Launch, our new division,  bridges the gap for go-to-market success with a focus on excellence in design and development and an emphasis on foundational components such as, product definition and requirements, key tolerances, proof of concept and documentation, prototyping, quality management, compliance, regulatory support, labeling, packaging, sterilization, validation, regulatory support and overall manufacturability, while overcoming design hurdles and mitigating risks.

At the infancy of most technology is risk. Will this work? Will it make a difference? Will I be able to bring my idea to life? Having collaborative, experienced and entrepreneurial partners like Genesis Plastics Welding and MedTech Launch can help steward your medical device wearable from beginning to end, mitigate risks and increase your odds of success.

Today, we track every step we take and every calorie we eat. We send an emails through our watches. We actually do have a manned space station! Maybe the sky really isn’t the limit… Scottie and Spock would be proud of how far we’ve come, and eager to see what might be on the horizon.

Have a medical device wearable you’d like to discuss? Contact our engineering team today.