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Top Medtech Podcast Picks

Nathan Glass, our VP of Product Development, recently had the pleasure to be a guest on The Life Science Effect podcast. That experience had our team pondering podcasts in general – what our team listens to, peer-selected favorite podcasts and top medtech podcasts industry wide. A few on our team weren’t even sure how to listen to a podcast. It’s all good, our hip engineering interns demonstrate best practices.

As a leading medical device design, development and pre-production solution provider, we know collaboration and trusted expertise is key. Some of the best podcasts have those very things at their core. They are often refreshingly honest and featured in-depth authentic subject matter specific conversations that engage the audience base. Some life science podcasts are weekly and some are monthly.

Our top Medtech Podcast Picks, plus a few just for fun:

  • The Life Science Effect
  • Digital Health Today
  • Mendelspod Podcast
  • The Readout Loud
  • HBR IdeaCast
  • How I Built This with Guy Raz
  • Hidden Brain
  • Freakonomics Radio
  • TED Radio Hour
  • Radiolab
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Fresh Air
  • This American Life
  • Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me

Curious on ways to listen to podcasts? You can listen via:

  • The Podcasts app on iOS devices
  • Google Play Music app
  • iTunes
  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher

Would you like to hear a Medtech Launch hosted podcast in the near future? Email us and let us know what medical device design and development topics you’d most like to dive into via a podcast platform.

Listen to Nathan’s full episode with The Life Science Effect on Nondisruptive Innovation here.

by Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team

[In the News] Costa Rica Medical Device

Medical Device Clean Room Manufacturing Genesis Plastics Welding

Industry friends are often surprised to hear us say that we are willing to help clients source Costa Rica medical device production. We enjoy serving our contract manufacturing clients stateside, but if it makes sense, then yes. Over the years as, as client volumes grew, we’ve played a key role in helping several OEMs transition from our Midwest contract manufacturing services to Costa Rica or other offshore locations. We also have coordinated and been a dual source in several occurrences, where 80% of production was offshore and 20% remained with us.

OEMs have come to know that above all, they can count on Genesis Plastics Welding and Medtech Launch team to be collaborative and resourceful. We know everyone has a bottom line to keep in mind and sometimes sourcing production elsewhere makes sense. Through our strong industry relationships, we are happy to help and make transitions as smooth as possible. Often beginning with our team, as a product design goes from concept to go-to-market to production ramp up, is the perfect match for long-term device success. Have a product you’d like to discuss? Reach out to Jason or Michael.

Recently in Verdict Medical Devices, Chris Lo went deeper inside Costa Rica’s supersized medical device sector. Read more below and see why Costa Rica is a hub for more than 70 large medical device OEMs. Find the full article online and here.

In 2017, medical devices became Costa Rica’s top export, surpassing the agricultural sector for the first time in the country’s history. With more than 70 medical device companies operating in Costa Rica, how has this small nation managed to develop such a successful and fast-growing medical technology sector? Read more

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Radio Frequency Welding Expertise In New York

Looking for radio frequency welding expertise? Find it on the East Coast in just a few short weeks, when the Genesis Plastics Welding team heads to vibrant New York for MD&M East – the East Coast’s largest MedTech event. The conference is packed with advanced design and manufacturing innovation, insightful keynote speakers, and the chance to see many of our East Coast clients and industry friends on their turf.

We wouldn’t miss it! It’s one of our favorites. Will we see you in New York on June 12 – 14, 2018? We’d love to help put a spring in your step before you hit the show floor. Meet us for a caffeinated conversation each morning pre-show and enjoy a #coffeefix on us. Email Jason or Michael to snag a spot at and let us help with your design and heat sealed thermoplastic manufacturing challenges over coffee.

With more than 2,000 suppliers on-hand, it’s the perfect place for design engineers, project engineers, manufacturing engineers, sourcing managers, and buyers to make important connections to take their products to the next level. Whether you’re interested in new materials, contract manufacturing solutions, components, testing solutions or packing, this is an outstanding avenue to accomplish all of that and MORE.

Find Us at #AdvMfgExpo East

Make sure Genesis Plastics Welding’s booth 763 in on your list of stops for the #AdvMfgExpo – we can’t wait to chat innovative medical device contract manufacturing solutions, medical materials and the robust seams that come with radio frequency welded products such as:

  • fluid bags
  • containment bags
  • negative pressure wound care devices
  • same patient stem cell therapies
  • inflatable devices
  • and more

Need a pass for the show? Be our guest.



Meet MedTech Launch by Genesis Plastics Welding

Genesis Plastics Welding CEO Tom Ryder made an exciting announcement this month! Learn more about our new division, strategically aligned to assist medical device clients in navigating the product launch process, from initial concept to commercialization, with a focus on design, prototyping, quality management, risk management, regulatory support and manufacturability. Meet MedTech Launch by Genesis Plastics Welding, and learn more in Plastics Today’s recent article.

by Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team

Genesis Plastics Welding Announces MedTech Launch

Genesis Plastics Welding MedTech Launch logo
Genesis Plastics Welding, Inc. announced today the start of a new division – MedTech Launch by Genesis Plastics Welding. This division is strategically aligned to assist medical device clients in navigating the product launch process, from initial concept to commercialization, with a focus on design, prototyping, quality management, risk management, regulatory support and overall manufacturability.

“The worldwide demand for outsourced design engineering expertise is skyrocketing,” says Tom Ryder, president and CEO of Genesis Plastics Welding. “Often times, new medical device start-ups struggle to find the proper expertise and resources to help guide them through the development process with excellence and ease. With our longevity as a leading medical device contract manufacturer bridging the innovation gap for OEMs, we’re thrilled to take this next step and support our clients through all phases of the design and development process.

“Additionally, I am pleased to have Nathan Glass at the helm of this new division, as VP of Product Development,” says Ryder. “Nathan’s vast medical device product development knowledge will be a strong catalyst for many start-ups as they seek to go-to-market with their innovative devices.”

Glass, an Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis graduate, has nearly 10 years of project management and engineering experience. Throughout his career, he has closely worked with sales and marketinNathan Glass, Genesis Plastics Weldingg teams, as well as quality personnel to smoothly launch innovative medical device products. His areas of expertise include design definition, material selection, technical documentation, proof of concept, quality management, validation, design for manufacturability and project management.

“Our Genesis Plastics Welding clients truly enjoy working with us and often come to us with a need for additional support at the front end of their projects,” says Glass. “MedTech Launch is the result of us actively listening to our customers and aligning our capabilities to where they are in their process, while assisting to take their breakthrough devices to market with efficiency and excellence.”

About Genesis Plastics Welding:                                                                                

Genesis Plastics Welding is an ISO 13485 certified contract manufacturer providing radio frequency (RF) welding and heat sealing applications of plastic products for medical, military and other industries. Genesis’ proprietary heat sealing technology, ecoGenesis™, allows RF plastics welding of very thin gauge (down to 0.001 inch) polyethylene, polypropylene and low-loss polymers and can facilitate polyvinylchloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU) replacement with phthalate-free plastics. For more information visit

About MedTech Launch by Genesis Plastics Welding:

MedTech Launch by Genesis Plastics Welding, a leading source for excellence in medical device design and engineering services, is powering innovation and evolving Go-To-Market strategies for clients worldwide through a proven and collaborative design, development and pre-production product launch process that strategically takes OEMs, start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs from initial concept to commercialization all with the human factor and user experience in mind. If you have a product concept you’d like to discuss, or you’d like to learn more about strategic guidance to overcome design hurdles, contact our team.