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Your Expertise Can Severely Hurt Your Performance

Your expertise can severely hurt your performance, reports the Harvard Business Review, citing a decade-long research into top executives.

Two reasons for that: “The first is overconfidence: believing that brilliance in one area leads to competence in another. The second is when deep knowledge and experience leave leaders incurious, blinkered, and vulnerable — even in their own fields,” the author explains.

Put simply, no matter how much you’ve excelled in your field, you’re in danger of being blinded by your own expertise, unless you approach new challenges with a beginner’s mind. That’s especially vital in medical device development, given the potential repercussions of a single improvement or oversight.

Expertise Can Severely Hurt Your Performance

According to the report, you may be at risk of being blindsided by your own know-how if…

  1. You’ve fallen into a creative rut.
  2. Others seem uncomfortable challenging your assumptions and ideas.
  3. Market developments are beginning to take you by surprise.
  4. You’re unfamiliar with new technology and approaches in your industry.
  5. When someone asks you why you or your company does things a certain way, you shrug and think, “It’s how we’ve always done it.”
  6. When making decisions, you focus more on risks than opportunities.
  7. You find out your peers are working in ways you aren’t (e.g. Slack, Zoom, text vs email, mobile vs desktop).
  8. You keep proposing the same old tactics and strategies to solve new problems.
  9. You try to make old solutions more precise instead of pioneering new ones.
  10. Millennials leave your team faster than they leave other teams in your organization.

Is that you? What to do about it?

Researchers advise you start by methodically challenging your own assumptions and expertise. “To break this pattern, untether yourself from [the identity as the ‘best’ or ‘smart’], cultivate more modesty, and remind yourself of your intellectual limitations.”

Further eliminate blind spots by:

  • Seeking out fresh ideas.
  • Tapping new sources of talent and input.
  • Looking to teammates and peers as teachers.
  • Embracing experimentalism.
  • Posing frequent creative challenges for yourself.

Here’s the bottom line: Rededicate yourself to learning and don’t rely on what you know today if you want success to last.

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Vetting Clean Room Manufacturing Options

Protecting Your Medical Device Investment: Vetting Clean Room Manufacturing Options

You’ve spent a small fortune developing your medical device, with great expectations for the problems it will solve for patients and clinicians, and the revenue it can put in your pocket for years to come. Next, comes your most crucial step: clean room manufacturing options. Like botched home repairs and homemade haircuts, manufacturing slip-ups can be a bear to recover from, bruising your brand’s reputation and draining profits.

One way to protect your investment is to select the right medical device contract manufacturing partner and medical clean room manufacturing facilities. In this piece, we cover key considerations for a smooth manufacturing process: one that’s free of headaches, wasteful costs or delays. Read more

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MedTech Launch 2020 Growth

The Medtech industry continues to see explosive growth, driving demand for expert medical device design and development support services, as well as, career opportunities for product development engineers and technicians.

MedTech Launch Growth

Genesis Plastic Welding’s medical device design and engineering services division – MedTech Launch – has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in May 2018. In the ever-evolving marketplace, start-ups and established OEMs continue to seek out expert guidance in navigating the product launch process, prototyping, quality management, risk management and regulatory for their breakthrough devices. Read more

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5 Exciting 2020 Medical Device Trends

To kick off 2020, we sat down with Genesis Plastics Welding President and CEO Tom Ryder to take a look at the latest industry trends within medical device contract manufacturing. He noted there has never been a better time to be in specialized contract manufacturing.

2020 Medical Device Trends

Many medical device contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) are seeing considerable growth due to the high demand for innovative home health products, noninvasive surgical devices, and connected digital health devices.

Large OEMs are seeking collaborative third party relationships to increase capacity while remaining cost-effective and versatile. Small to medium start-ups are seeking ways to keep costs down and increase their speed to market. Third-party relationships are important in businesses that need that go-between, they can check on their third-party risk by using companies such as Aravo to manage this.

From large to small, OEMs are relying on CMOs for everything from added manufacturing capacity to product design and development to technical expertise. Multifaceted partners will be key in 2020 and beyond for all OEMs to continue to bring sophisticated niche medical devices to market. Read more

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11 Essential Medical Device Twitter Accounts

Twitter is only as informative as the accounts you follow, and let’s face it, at times, social media can be a love/hate relationship and a time waster. Are you having trouble staying up-to-date with industry news and trends and unsure of which medical device Twitter accounts to follow?

Having trusted go-to accounts and a well-curated news feed can keep you plugged in to the latest news within medical device and limit you from going down rabbit holes of junk content.

But where to start? Who should you be following on Twitter?

The Medtech Launch team is sharing 11 of our favorite Twitter accounts that continually give us insight into the world of healthcare innovation, medical device, medtech, biotech, medical plastics, regulatory and more. In no particular order, here are some of the top Twitter accounts that keep us informed.

Top MedTech Twitter Accounts to Follow:

  1. @MTI_Editor
  2. @medgadget
  3. @medcitynews
  4. @TEDMED
  5. @MDDIonline
  6. @TMDmag
  7. @US_FDA @FDArecalls and @FDADeviceInfo
  8. @WSJ and @WSJhealth
  9. @norbertsparrow 
  10. @massdevice
  11. @IMDMCorg and @IHIF1

At the end of the day, we’re passionate about shaping a better world and making a difference within our field of expertise. By staying connected and collaborative, we keep a pulse on major players, as well as, stay at the forefront of regulatory changes, shifts within the industry and innovative trends.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the shear volume of news and content available via social media. Find your trusted sources, browse for a few minutes daily, follow key hashtags and let the rest go.

For the easiest way to get a sampling of content from all the accounts above, follow @MedTechLaunch – we often reshare tweets from all of the above accounts.

Learn more about MedTech Launch’s medical device design and development services from initial concept to market. As a leading source for medical device design and development services, we help inventors, start-ups and small to large OEMs strategically bring innovative devices and products to market.