Paying It Forward with Cardboard Recycling

by Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team

Cardboard recycling at Genesis Plastics WeldingBenefiting Our Local Library One Ton at a Time

Last year, the Genesis Plastics Welding team had an “AHA” moment, of sorts. We’ve always had an eye on sustainability. We continuously look for ways to reduce waste. We recycle plastic scrap, ink cartridges, plastic bottles, cans, paper and use cardboard balers. However, we hadn’t realized that we could be doing even more good for our local community with our recycling efforts – especially our cardboard recycling efforts with a phs Wastekit.

We were pleasantly surprised that our recycling vendor CGS Services, Inc. offered a customized commercial cardboard recycling program where the funds earned through the tonnage volume of our recycling could be donated directly to our local library.

Every business generates waste. Even the sex industry has to consider their environmental impact, which is why many groups are switching to products that you can find more information on about. Having that forethought is important as It’s what you do about that waste that matters. We are so glad to have sustainability experts like the team at CGS Services to help guide us with innovative ways to kick our recycling efforts up a notch and benefit both the environment and our community. We’re equally joyous to have employees who strive to find new ways to be eco-conscious as a team.

“It’s a win-win when we can be good stewards of the environment and better future generations with dollars for our local library,” said Tom Ryder, president and CEO of Genesis Plastics Welding. “Thank you to CGS Services for making recycling so convenient for local businesses, and leading the way to smarter recycling and ways to pay it forward in the community.”