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Medical Device Development Partner Top Considerations

Have an outstanding product idea that meets a specific end-user need within the healthcare industry? Have the capital and ready to get the ball rolling? Don’t just dive into the medical device design and development process blindly, clearly define which partner is right for you and your product.

If you are struggling on how to choose the right medical device development partner, this free downloadable solution brief outlines 3 top considerations.

Aligning with the right design and development partner early in the process not only saves time and money, but paves the way for launch success, especially within medical device. Design flaws caught early in the process are easier and less expensive to address, plus you avoid bigger hurdles down the road that can halt a project.

3 Top Considerations When Choosing a Medical Device Development Partner

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by Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team

Customizable Heat Sealed Bags | Bioprocessing Bags

In recent years there has been a shift from stainless steel and glass culture vessels to disposable plastic bags and pouches for utilization in cell culture management systems and single-use bioreactors (SUB).  As a global contract manufacturer of customizable heat sealed bags, Genesis Plastics Welding knows there are many factors to consider when designing and manufacturing single-use specialty medical device bags and bioprocessing bags.

Bioprocessing Bags

Whether for collection, feeding, harvesting, storage, transfer or transport, bioprocessing bags can come in all shapes, sizes and materials. All with different hanging requirements and connection specifications, as well. Having much to consider, OEMs in the design and development stages of a specialty cell culture management bag, often lean on collaborative partners to explore materials, sealing methods, sterilization processes and the needed quality specifications. Read more

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Scottish Life Sciences Association Visits Genesis Plastics Welding

Scotland’s life science sector is doing well in spite of Brexit and the Scottish Life Sciences Association is working to make synergistic connections to support future growth and innovation.

While life science academia has long been at the core of Scotland – the discovery of penicillin, identifying the link between mosquitos and malaria, the invention of the MRI scanner, the birth place of Dolly the Sheep –  the county is now growing by leaps and bounds with start-up medical device companies, as well. Scotland notes vast resources for research and academia, with 19 universities and multiple world leading innovation research centers, but it is lacking in specialty advanced manufacturing resources to support mass production of cutting edge medical devices.

This is where the link between Indiana and Scotland comes into play. Scotland’s population mirrors Indiana’s, not just in size, but similar industry strengths and population health issues. As well as, similar trade organizations working collectively as a voice for their health and life science business community, while connecting key stakeholders to enhance business and advocate member interests. Read more

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Genesis Plastics Welding Achieves ISO 13485:2016 Certification

Tom Ryder, president and CEO of Indianapolis-based medical device contract manufacturer Genesis Plastics Welding, Inc., announced today the successful completion of Genesis’ ISO 13485:2016 certification.

“Achieving the 2016 version of the ISO 13485 certification only furthers our position as a collaborative contract manufacturing partner for global medical device OEMs,” says Ryder. “I’m extremely proud of my team on the achievement.”

Originally certified ISO 13485:2003 in early 2013, upgrading to the 2016 version of the certification is part of the company’s continued dedication to quality-focused systems and processes. As a leading provider of contract manufacturing and development services of radio frequency welded medical devices, a dedication to continuous improvement is at the foundation of Genesis’ success in the industry. Read more

by Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team Genesis Plastics Welding Marketing Team

Top Medtech Podcast Picks

Nathan Glass, our VP of Product Development, recently had the pleasure to be a guest on The Life Science Effect podcast. That experience had our team pondering podcasts in general – what our team listens to, peer-selected favorite podcasts and top medtech podcasts industry wide. A few on our team weren’t even sure how to listen to a podcast. It’s all good, our hip engineering interns demonstrate best practices.

As a leading medical device design, development and pre-production solution provider, we know collaboration and trusted expertise is key. Some of the best podcasts have those very things at their core. They are often refreshingly honest and featured in-depth authentic subject matter specific conversations that engage the audience base. Some life science podcasts are weekly and some are monthly.

Our top Medtech Podcast Picks, plus a few just for fun:

  • The Life Science Effect
  • Digital Health Today
  • Mendelspod Podcast
  • The Readout Loud
  • HBR IdeaCast
  • How I Built This with Guy Raz
  • Hidden Brain
  • Freakonomics Radio
  • TED Radio Hour
  • Radiolab
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Fresh Air
  • This American Life
  • Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me

Curious on ways to listen to podcasts? You can listen via:

  • The Podcasts app on iOS devices
  • Google Play Music app
  • iTunes
  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher

Would you like to hear a Medtech Launch hosted podcast in the near future? Email us and let us know what medical device design and development topics you’d most like to dive into via a podcast platform.

Listen to Nathan’s full episode with The Life Science Effect on Nondisruptive Innovation here.