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RF Welding Contract Manufacturer Genesis Plastics Welding Hires Jud McKinney as Product and Process Development Engineer

Genesis Plastics Welding is pleased to announce the addition of Jud McKinney as product and process development engineer to assist contract manufacturing clients in the research, design and development of plastic welded products within the medical, automotive, sport and military industries.

With a significant knowledge of raw thermoplastic materials suitable for radio frequency (RF), ultrasonic and impulse welding, McKinney is responsible for helping clients source the right materials for their applications to meet business objectives, promote cost savings and accelerate the production process. He also performs analytical and quality testing on products throughout the development and production cycles to ensure product integrity.

“Many clients come to Genesis because they know we have a thorough knowledge of proper utilization of polar and non-polar materials within the RF welding setting,” said Tom Ryder, president and CEO of Genesis Plastics Welding. “It’s a very important and exciting role for Jud to guide our customers in the materials selection process. Especially since so many clients are charged to find new materials that will cut manufacturing costs or replace PVC or PU, but still have comparable characteristics and performance.”

McKinney, a graduate of Ball State University, joins Genesis with more than 30 years of automotive and medical device manufacturing and project engineering experienced. Prior to Genesis, McKinney worked as a senior manufacturing engineer for Medivative Technologies. Additionally, he spent several years in the plastics injection molding and plastics extrusion arena and is ASQ certified.

“We are pleased to have Jud as part of our engineering talent,” said Ryder. “He brings years of industry expertise and resin knowledge that will continue to help guide our clients in the materials selection process, from PVC to PU to Olefins and beyond.”

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Novel technology expands types of polymers that can be RF welded without additives

logoThis article appears in Plastics Today.

A proprietary radio-frequency (RF) welding technology from Genesis Plastics Welding (Fortville, IN) enables the joining of thin-gauge polyethylene, polypropylene and low-loss polymers without the use of plasticizers or additives. The bolt-on ecoGenesis technology reportedly can allow most existing RF machines to weld polymers with dielectric constants well below the 0.02 level, facilitating manufacturing with an array of materials other than PVC and polyurethane (PU). Medical, automotive, military, packaging and consumer applications stand to benefit, according to Genesis Plastics Welding.

In a white paper , the company reported the results of an evaluation of the technology by business consultancy OmniTech International (Midland, MI). According to OmniTech, ecoGenesis “defies the industry’s traditional mathematical formulas and art that predict the success of a good RF weld.” Prior RF welding art allowed for only a few polymer films—notably PVC and some PUs—as candidates for a good RF weld, according to Genesis Plastics. “OmniTech confirmed that films, copolymer films and fabrics with low dielectric factors can efficiently and effectively be RF welded with ecoGenesis without the aid of coatings, adhesives or other costly treatments,” noted the company in the white paper. OmniTech’s analysis was jointly paid for by Genesis Plastics Welding and Dow Chemical Co.

Benefits of the technology, according to Genesis Plastics Welding, include lower manufacturing costs because it eliminates the need for expensive additives and allows for the use of more economical materials and improved product performance and appearance since the absence of heat-seal additives results in a clean final structure.

Read the full article at Plastics Today

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On the Road with CEO Tom Ryder: RF Welding and Pizza

genesis-plastics-welding-pizzeria-pepeOn our way back from UBM East this summer, after a visit with our friends at Medtronic, Brad and I popped into Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, Connecticut. Founded in 1925, it is one of the oldest and best-known pizzerias in the United States. It came highly recommended by our friends at Medtronic and was touted as a definite must-do while we were in town.

Brad and I were game. Or who are we kidding, it was a no brainer. We’re foodies at heart and love to explore local dining options when we travel. The day of our visit it was standing room only and the line was out the door. If patrons were willing to wait so long, we knew it had to be amazing. Frank Pepe Pizzeria didn’t disappoint. It was food heaven and a great cap to our trade show travels.

Taking in all the nostalgia along the walls of the restaurant, a thought occurred to me. Genesis Plastics Welding isn’t that different from this world famous pizzeria. I know… you’re thinking Tom, really?! How are a famous tomato and cheese pie and RF welding connected? Bear with me, friends. It’s simpler than you think.

Frank, a quintessential Italian immigrant, was a family man with a dream. He immigrated to the United States in 1909, at the age of 16. With little more than his strong work ethic, he took a chance on entrepreneurialism and built something amazing that has become a sought out destination for so many. Over the years, the Pepe family has stayed true to their roots as they’ve grown. They haven’t changed the parts of their business that work or the things their customers love. They are committed to the tradition of the food, quality and the communities they serve. For Frank Pepe Pizzeria, all of that has become a winning combination that drives their continued success year after year.

Like Frank Pepe Pizzeria, Genesis was built on an entrepreneurial dream. The company was born in 1987 as the vision of my father-in-law, Robert Smith. I’m extremely proud to stand at the helm today and carry on the traditions he started. Yes, we’ve honed our RF welding craft over the years and added space, employees and certifications, but we have also stayed close to our roots. At the heart of Genesis we’re still a family-owned business, committed to being our clients’ trusted manufacturing partner, providing quality parts and serving the community. We’re honored that over the last decade what we do best has allowed us to become a sought after destination as well – not for pizza pie, but for those looking to outsource the manufacture of the RF heat sealed products and devices.

Cheers to the Pepe family and the Genesis family. Here’s to many more years of doing what we’re best at!

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The Internship Impact: Narrowing the Skills Gap One Intern at a Time

Meet Sean Sullivan

Our commitment to readying future generations for careers in advanced manufacturing continues again this year. This summer Genesis Plastics Welding welcomed intern Sean Sullivan, a Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology sophomore studying mechanical engineering.

Sullivan, an Indiana native who graduated from Bishop Chatard summa cum laude with a 4.4/4.0 GPA, set out in late spring in search of an interning opportunity that would provide hands-on experience and a broad spectrum of learning opportunities.

“With this being my first internship, I wasn’t sure what to expect and wondered if I’d just be getting engineers coffee and making copies all day,” said Sullivan. “Several weeks in, I’m pleasantly surprised! I’ve been working side-by-side with the engineering team running machines, validating product runs for quality and running test parts for customers.”

Sullivan works directly with a few of Genesis’ top experts, such as Senior Product and Process Development Engineer Jon Harvey and Operations Manager Dale Wagner. By shadowing lead engineers, he has the chance to gain new skills, apply his university teachings to real-world projects, and get a first-hand look at what it takes to make it in today’s advanced manufacturing industry.

“I’m definitely happy with my decision to intern with Genesis,” said Sullivan. “I’ve learned so much about advanced manufacturing, the art of RF welding, working hard, being organized and how to stay on top of your work.”

As an Indiana employer in the manufacturing sector, our Genesis team knows the importance of collaborating with educators and supplementing traditional learning in order to truly invest in the development of the future workforce. We’re in a strong position to help ignite a passion for engineering and tear down outdated ideas of what STEM careers are like today.

“There are so many unknowns in the world for today’s students in regards to their ultimate career paths,” said President and CEO Tom Ryder. “Until they have hands-on experience in the fields they are thinking of entering, it’s only what they can imagine. Helping be a part of clarifying their vision through hands-on internships can be very enlightening for most, and such a great value for the employer as well. Extra help is always a great thing in our busy manufacturing facility.”

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Genesis Celebrates Second Annual Pay It Forward Yard Sale

Genesis Plastics Welding’s Pay It Forward Yard Sale Raises More Than $2300 for Local Vision Program

On July 30, 2016 the Genesis Plastics Welding team put on its second annual Pay It Forward Yard Sale benefiting a local charity within the community.

Genesis-plastics-welding-pay it forward-2016The inaugural sale raised $1766 in 2015 and benefited the Fortville United Methodist Church food pantry. This year’s sale raised $2333 for a vision program through the Fortville Lions Club that helps students get the vision screenings and eyewear they need.

Each year the Genesis team votes on a local charity to benefit from the sale’s proceeds. The funds come from the sale of donated items from Genesis team members and others in the community, as well as a 20 percent cut from individuals who run their own rummage sale booths during the event.

“It’s exciting to see how much this community event has grown in just two short years,” said Tom Ryder, CEO and president of Genesis Plastics Welding. “Our team really enjoys being able to work together to highlight local charities and provide financial support to assist them in the great work they are doing within the area. This year’s sale was a big success due to the community businesses and leaders that joined us to take it to the next level. We are extremely grateful for their donations and help.”

This year’s yard sale included donated gift certificates and prizes for raffle, as well as Colts tickets for a silent auction. The added element of fun helped increase the final donation amount to the Lions Club.

“This year’s yard sale was phenomenal,” said Genesis Plastics Welding employee Donna Burns. “The participation from the community far exceeded our expectations and made it such a great family event. We’re so proud to be able to make a difference for our community through this annual event.”

The Genesis team would like to thank the many businesses and individuals in the community for their assistance, donations and continued support: Fortville Feeders, FoxGardin Kitchen & Ale, Thursday Pools, M & J Firearms, NAPA Auto Parts, Holloway House, Best of What’s Around, reNEW Design & Construct, Ultra Ankle, The Snow Shack, Blue Seas Fitness & Wellness Center, At Home with Us, Waggin’ Tails, The Gypsy Chicks Boutique, Broadway Hardware, Mozzi’s Pizza, the Greenfield Reporter, Town of Fortville, Fortville Lions Club, Fortville/McCordsville Chamber of Commerce, Hancock County Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Fortville Action, Fortville Mama, Ellen Bunch, Teona Bunch, Debra Wilkerson, Bill Wilkerson, Becky Young, Elizabeth Castillo, Jean Baez, Cara McCune, Amy McCune, Kim Riggs and Alecia Burkhardt.

A big thank you to our Genesis team event volunteers as well: Dennis Burns, Donna Burns, Mary Jane Wilkerson, Joe Pfaff, Janelle Carty, Dale Wagner, Jon Harvey, Jeremy Brown, Martina Miranda, Michelle Miranda, Jud McKinney, Tom Ryder, Meg Ryder and Faith Ryder.

See you all next summer for more Pay It Forward Yard Sale fun!